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Chevy Production 60 degree - V6 Engine

In 1980 Chevy introduced a new V6 engine design with 60 degrees (deg.) between the two cylinder banks. This design had two advantages; it produced a true even fire engine using a standard common journal crankshaft and it produced a slightly narrower engine. The 1980 design was also the first Chevy all metric engine design. The new engine has a deck height (centerline of crankshaft to cylinder deck measured along the centerline of the bore) of 224.0 mm (8.819") and a height (centerline of crankshaft to top of engine along the center of the 60 deg. V) of 236.0 mm (9.291"). Cylinders are spaced on 111.8 mm (4.40") centers on each bank and the centers of cylinders on the two banks are offset to accommodate the two connecting rods on each crank journal. The 60 deg. V6 is unique among all Chevy motors since the right hand cylinder bank is offset ahead of the left hand cylinder bank when viewed from the rear of the engine. Cylinders are numbered 1-3-5 and 2-4-6 from the front on the right and left banks respectively.

The 2.8L (173 cid) engine was produced from 1980 to 1989. In 1990 the 3.1L (191 cid) engine was introduced and in 1991 displacement was increased to 3.4L (207 cid). The 60 deg. V6 is used in both transverse (front wheel drive) and longitudinal (rear wheel drive) configurations. The 2.8 liter engine was fires introduced in the 1980 Citation and the rear wheel drive version was optional on the 1982 S10 pickup and Blazer.

Below is a table of the main dimensions for all production 60 deg. - V6 Chev engines from 1978 to present :

L/CID Years Bore Stroke Block Material Actual CID Litres Main Bearing
2.8/173 80-89 3.50 2.99 Cast Iron 172.6 2.83 2 bolt
3.1/191 90-94 3.50 3.31 Cast Iron 191.1 3.13 2 bolt
3.4/207 91-94 3.62 3.31 Cast Iron 204.4 3.35 2 bolt

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